Coronavirus General Advice

Follow the latest Government advice on Coronavirus. 

General Advice for the College Community

The College strongly suggests that members of the College community rely upon information about the virus drawn from the following official sources :

Where advice from these sources changes, we will continue to send out information to you about this. The Senior Management Committee (SMC) are convening regularly to discuss Coronavirus-related matters and their impact upon the College.

Overall the message  is ‘business as usual’ whilst SMC actively monitors the situation and advises the College in making timely decisions as the situation changes. 

Mitigation should Rose Bruford College students or staff be affected 

Symptoms of coronavirus are a cough, high temperature and shortness of breath, although any or all of these does not necessarily mean that you have the illness.  As indicated above, if you have of these symptoms you are required to self-isolate for seven days. If your condition deteriorates, dial 111 to use the NHS Coronavirus service. 

Through the 111 Coronavirus Service, arrangements will be made for individuals to be tested at the most appropriate location.  Until this and any other advice is given by the NHS the person affected should remain quarantined and may be further quarantined following testing until the result is known. 

Discrimination Zero Tolerance

There have  been reports about an increase in discrimination, hate crimes and racist behaviour since the outbreak of the virus.  The College  wishes to remind everyone of its zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination.  If any member of the College community has any concerns about this you are encouraged to contact immediately Student Support (students), Human Resources (staff) or the Vice Principal.

If you encounter any incidents of discrimination within the wider community you are encouraged to report this to the police on the following phone number - 101.

We will continue to communicate any updates to our guidance with our community. For students and staff, please check College emails regularly with regard to developments.

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