Care Leavers

The College is working to improve its awareness of care leavers and their needs through its Equality and Diveristy Committee.

The Outreach and Diversity Officer is also the College’s Designated Member of Staff (DMS) on the South East London Designated Member of Staff for Looked After Children and Care Leavers Group. The group is responsible for coordinating specific processes and interventions to increase the achievement and progression of care leavers at key stage 5 and above. The context of this work is framed within a national agenda to improve the educational outcomes for care leavers.

However it must be stressed that as a small institution we do not face the same barriers as larger (non-specialist) HEIs as student relationships with staff are significant in terms of support, background knowledge, encouragement and welfare; there are also other various support mechanisms in place in terms of student services which we continue to review and improve and we are currently researching potential financial provision for care leavers. Furthermore, academic support continues post-degree for transition in to the industry.

The Who Cares? Trust has also developed a website for young people in care, which provides information about progression into HE as well as finanical assistance. Please find us located at