Academic Quality

We aim to embed quality assurance and enhancement within the academic community, and to ensure that systems are fit for purpose within the context of a small specialist institution.

Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance is an approved partner of The University of Manchester, delivering programmes delivered by Rose Bruford College, approved by and leading to an award of The University of Manchester.

Responsibility for managing academic standards and the quality and enhancement of teaching and learning is therefore shared between the College and the University. The University validates all of the College’s taught undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Final authority for overseeing academic standards and conferring academic awards rests with the Senate of the University.

Under the oversight of The University of Manchester, Rose Bruford College has devised structures and processes that are designed to: 

a)    meet the requirements of its current validating university;

b)    ensure alignment with the expectations and indicators of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education;

c)    facilitate the involvement of academic staff at all levels in the management and maintenance of academic standards.


In partnership with The University of Manchester the College maintains the following quality assurance and enhancement processes:

•    Programme approval and modification
•    Periodic review 
•    Annual review of programmes
•    External examiner nomination and reporting
•    Programme Committees
•    Student surveys including the National Student Survey

The Academic Board, chaired by the Principal, is the senior academic body of the institution and has responsibility and authority over academic standards in the institution, receiving periodic review and validation reports. Authority is delegated from the Board to a number of its sub-committees, including Learning Quality and Standards Committee, Academic Development Committee and School Boards.

The College attaches much importance to student involvement in quality assurance processes and students are represented at every level of the College’s Committee structure.

The College underwent a Higher Education Review (HER) by the Quality Assurance Agency in November 2014. The report of the review  was published in February 2015 and the College has produced an action plan in response to the report.