Careers and Networking

We understand that the time immediately following graduation can be daunting, and that, without the in-built support network of the college, finding your way into a successful career in the industry might seem impossible. We want to support you as you make your first steps into your career. In fact we think that it is our responsibility to help!

We are creating an online resource of CV advice, interview techniques and information designed to help you find your way in the industry. These pages focus on your professional development and will help you to make the transition from study into work in your chosen field.

As a professional practitioner you will need to make use of a range of networks and channels of communication, both formal and informal, to find work. You will need to be adept at managing the professional persona you present in written communications, on-line, and face-to-face.

This site includes advice about drafting a CV, applying for work and how to land an interview for your dream job as well as how to succeed at that interview. It will also introduce you to some key aspects of working as a freelance professional, including the UK tax system, basic account keeping and invoicing clients.

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