Join us for our three day Symposium exploring Stanislavski and the future of Acting.

The S Word: Stanislavski and the Future of Acting

Co-Conveners: Prof Bella Merlin (University of California, Riverside) and

Dr Paul Fryer (Rose Bruford College, UK)

18-20 March 2016

Join the world’s leading Stanislavski scholars at the home of the Stanislavski Centre in London, England for a three day symposium which will include academic papers and presentations, master-classes, interviews, and performances, exploring Stanislavski’s influence on contemporary acting.

Events will take place at our new conference facilities and at the College’s campus in Sidcup (UK).

Keynote speaker: Professor Anatoly Smeliansky (President, Moscow Art Theatre School)

Stanislavski Centre/Routledge lecturer, 2016: Professor Sharon Carnicke (University of Southern California)


Speakers will include, subject to availability:

Professor Jonathan Pitches (University of Leeds)

Professor Sergei Tcherkasski (St Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts)

Dr Jan Hancil (AMU, Prague)

Dr Rose Whyman (University of Birmingham)

Professor Andrei Malaev-Babel (USF/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training)


Some of the topics that we may address include:

  • Why is Stanislavski still so prevalent? Why is The System still so central to our approach to acting? What is the relevance of his work today? How do we choose what we use and what we ignore?
  • Terminology: what are the words we use? What do we mean by them?
  • With advances in cognitive science, are we on the brink of a new paradigm in actor-training - if so, what is it? How will it change the way in which we view Stanislavski and his legacy?
  • What do drama students really know about Stanislavski, and how do they use his work?
  • How have Stanislavski's ideas travelled and what happens to them when they do?


The symposium will include the 2016 Stanislavski Centre/Routledge annual lecture,

“Быть гибким”/“Be Flexible”: Stanislavsky’s and Knebel’s Legacy for Today’s Actors, delivered by Professor Sharon Carnicke, University of Southern California.


This event is sponsored by Routledge/Taylor and Francis


In partnership with the University of California Riverside


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