Who are your target schools?

Non-selective state schools with above national average Free School Meals in the following cities.

  • Hull
  • Nottingham
  • London
  • South Tyneside
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Plymouth
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham

What does See Your Potential offer school students?

If your school is local to us, we would be delighted to organise degree-specific taster workshops or bespoke taster days to meet the needs of your students. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your initial ideas.

If you are based further afield in one of our target cities, we can offer the following online support:

  • Discovery Hour – Students will explore the possibility of studying at Rose Bruford College, they will engage in a virtual campus tour, and meet current students
  • Education Packs (Under development) – Students will extend their skills and knowledge through a series of cross curricular projects
  • Industry Insight – Students and their influencers will have the opportunity to identify different career options with access to a series of films that dispel the myths about creative education and employment
  • See Your Potential workshop (Under development) – Developed by a business coach and delivered by an outreach ambassador, students will consider how they see their journey to an ideal career unfolding. They will research the creative industries and make the case for their chosen progression route in a series of images or models as they storyboard their future.

I was lucky enough to be involved in the Page to Stage pilot project in 2019, and had the opportunity to work with an exceptional project team including Erin Fleming, Nonsuch and Rose Bruford College in designing and delivering the first version of Page to Stage. The pilot project was an immensely rewarding experience both for the students and for the project team, and tangible results were clear to see – our students were more engaged with the text, were more engaged with our lessons, and made rapid, positive and measurable progress towards their GCSE targets.

Mr Husband – Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School

What does See Your Potential offer teachers?

  • Teacher Open Days – Teachers have an opportunity to meet academic and admissions staff to discuss how admission processes relate to learning and teaching. What does potential mean? How do we build capacity within the learner for independence, motivation and risk taking?
  • Applying to HE workshops – Provide real world examples of portfolios, personal statements, and anticipated interview questions. Give teachers the tools to support their students through auditions and interviews.
  • Pre/post admissions advice – Teachers are given the opportunity to shadow processes such as admissions, assessment, learning and teaching practices to inform their own practice in preparing potential applicants for HE.
  • Cross-Sector Exchange – We will invite our creative teacher network and our academic staff to an annual online review, to understand the distance and difference between learning and teaching contexts. It will offer an opportunity to explore examination processes and criteria within the secondary school system, the impact this has on the nature of the work being produced and its relation to the qualities looked for in an individual during the selection process for higher education.

We are also a member of UKADIA and give teachers the opportunity to participate in the national workshops for the creative teacher programmes.

For further information please contact our student recruitment team at [email protected].