Cannot Come to Good

Created by MA Collaborative Theatre Making


Seven international female actors and theatre makers from the MA Collaborative Theatre Making programme have spent the past year developing a devised piece as an ensemble called Cannot Come to Good. Their work is in collaboration with Nina Bowers and Philip Arditti and it expands on themes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Cannot Come to Good is an absurdist, darkly comedic piece in a unique form that explores existence beyond this mortal plane. Collaboratively written by the company, the piece incorporates live music, movement, and clowning and invites the audience to interrogate with us the choices we make and the reasons we delay action.


What happens when the follies of your life follow you into purgatory?

Will your soul deserve a chance in the afterlife?

Could you look back on your earthly decisions and be satisfied?


Their work engages the audience in philosophical and behavioural questions, challenges the limits of physicality, and subverts expectations in form and content.



Sat 10 June – 6pm

Sun 11 June – 2:30pm and 6pm

Venue: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH


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