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Saviour – Programme

Saviour is set in a fantastical world, in which the characters operate under Saviour’s answer to socialism.
The play, whilst set in its mystical and other-worldly confines, is a subtle and understated statement on
issues we face in the real world.
Themes of greed, power & marginalisation run deep throughout the play. This kind of text gives me the
opportunity not only to create a fun and magical show, but pose questions to the audience and hopefully,
have them ask questions of themselves after watching it.
The spoken word/rap elements of the play are exciting for me. I feel both art forms are an underused medium
in theatre. As I write rap music myself, it’s a great opportunity for me to merge the mediums of theatre and music
to further the world-building journey.
The aim is that a piece of Saviour stays with us, even after the actors take their final bow and we merge back
to reality.

Graduate Brochure Acting RBC Wigan

Director Corey Weekes
Designer Samantha Ackerley
Lighting Designer Lewis Rimmer
Sound Designer Dan Thomson
Intimacy Coach Kate Coogan
Movement Director Tom Perrin

Content Warning: Strong language, adult themes and depictions of violence