The Solution to Everything

Devised by the company and directed by Christopher Sivertsen

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Director Christopher Sivertsen
Lighting Designer Eliska Van Lelyveld
Assistant Director Oriane Joublin & Saoirse Teale
Designer Holly Wedgwood
Choreography Sully Lee, Hannah Margetson & Anna Regelous
Writing Bethan Barke & Oriane Joublin
Musical Director Rebeka Dió
Musical Composition Morgan Agate, George Attwill, Euan Broughton, Rebeka Dió, Billie Grace, Oriane Joublin & Julia Lewandowska


10 December – 20.30
11 December – 16.30 & 20.30
12 December – 18.30

The Barn Theatre

Standard: £5
Rose Bruford Students: £1.50


Morgan Agate
Peter Alexander
George Attwill
Bethan Barke
Euan Broughton
Rebeka Dió
Billie Grace
Frank Jícha
Oriane Joublin
Sully Lee
Julia Lewandowska
Hannah Margetson
Anna Regelous
Saoirse Teale
Holly Wedgwood


Production Team

Production Manager Ella Kistner
Technical Manager Pierce McFarlane
Head of Lighting Luke Middleton
Assistant Lighting Designer Elias Lindholm
Lighting Programmer Jake Lawrence
Sound Operator Zoe Cole
Stage Manager Eve Rogers
Deputy Stage Manager Zoe Cole
Assistant Stage Manager Kari Lindsey-Smith
Assistant Stage Manager Rebecca Cladingboel
Costume Assistant Bethan Barke
Floor Designers and Makers Helen Colyer, Lily Colmartin, Margarida Duarte Bicho, Prisca Alexander Corola Pellegrino
Marketing Team Oriane Joublin, Julia Lewandowska, Hannah Margetson