We need to ensure that we are able to provide the financial support and assistance our students so desperately need.

Studying at Rose Bruford College is hard work; our students are often on campus from early in the morning until late into the night, studying, rehearsing and preparing for shows and productions. Balancing this busy schedule with part-time work can be very difficult and many of our students struggle financially.

We also want to be able to provide financial support to graduate groups and individuals who need some small investment to take their own projects and productions into development – the Rose Bruford Jubilee Fund. We see this as a central part of our training; providing opportunities for students and alumni to take their first steps into the profession and providing a helping hand before projects are ready for third-party investment. The college is committed to providing support worth a minimum of £5,000 to graduate groups each year.

Rose Bruford College is seeking support top provide a suite of student awards, scholarships and bursaries that includes:

  • Hardship bursaries to students at the end of their second year across all of our undergraduate courses;
  • Scholarships to students undertaking a postgraduate qualification at the College;
  • Scholarships to students enrolled on our Acting Foundation;
  • Annual awards for our most talented students;
  • Investment into projects and productions undertaken by recent graduates;
  • Discretionary awards to students with unforeseen and unexpected emergency costs.

For further information about the Rose Bruford College scholarship schemes please download our leaflet or contact the Head of Development, Andrew Scanlan, on, or call 020 8308 2605.

“Winning the Corinne Rodriguez bursary was such an unexpected surprise.It will really help and support me to fulfil my ambitions.”
Corinne Rodriguez Bursary Winner