DMTA Semester or Year Abroad Programme

The School of Design, Management and Technical Arts at Rose Bruford College offers students the opportunity to study for a semester or a year in their chosen specialism in theatre design, technical, craft and management disciplines.

The School of Design, Management and Technical Arts at Rose Bruford College offers students the opportunity to study for a semester or a year in their chosen specialism in theatre design, technical, craft and management disciplines:

Who is the programme for?
The semester/year abroad programme is designed for students from outside the UK and European Union, who are studying on a degree programme in theatre or a related subject, and who want to spend some time studying in the UK.

Why study at Rose Bruford College?
The School of Design, Management and Technical Arts at Rose Bruford College is a leading provider of specialist, vocational BA degree programmes in sound, lighting, design, crafts and management for theatre and live performance. If you are currently studying a general Theatre or related BA programme, we can provide the opportunity to specialise in a particular aspect of technical theatre that your home programme may not be able to offer, combining the best of university and conservatoire style training and education.

Can I design my own programme of study?
The School of Design, Management and Technical Arts runs seven specialist BA degree programmes in all the design, craft, technical and management aspects of theatre and performance. Most visiting students want to spend their time with us focused on one of these specialisms, but it is also possible to combine modules (what are often called courses or units in other universities) from two or more programmes. For timetabling reasons, not all combinations of modules are possible, but we will almost always be able to create a programme for you that meets your needs.

Who will I study with?
You will study with the UK, EU and international students on our degree programmes, so you get a rich cultural experience as well as learning about UK theatre and performance practices.

What entry requirements will I need to meet?
We do not have fixed entry requirements for the semester/year abroad programme. We will ask you for a your c.v. and information about your current degree studies, and we may speak to your tutors at your home university to make sure you are at the right stage in your learning for the modules you will be taking.

Can I gain credit for the study I do at Rose Bruford?
Usually, yes, depending on the agreement of your home university.

How do the US, EU and UK credit systems compare?
The US and UK credit systems are very different, and can’t be compared directly. The UK credit system is aligned to the EU system, and is based on the total number of study hours, not just on the classroom or project hours as with the US system. Under the UK system, students usually take modules totalling 120 credits a year or 60 for a semester (equivalent to 60 and 30 ECTS credits under the EU system). In designing your programme of study, we will put together modules that make up a full study load for a semester or year, just as we would for our own students. We will then work with your home university to provide the information they need to convert this study programme into their own credit system (semester hours or semester credits in the US), so they can award credit.

Are the semester dates in the UK the same as in the US and other countries?
No. At Rose Bruford College, our semester 1 runs from September to February with a break for Christmas/New Year, and Semester 2 runs from February until the end of June, with a break for Easter. However, because of the very practical nature of our work, the College’s schedule is built around the pattern of productions and projects. Because of this, many modules run during the ‘terms’ in the Autumn (September – December), Spring (January – March) and Summer (April – June). This means that it is often possible to complete a semester’s modules in the Autumn, finishing by Christmas, or spread the work over a longer period between January and June, with the opportunity for a two week vacation at Easter to visit other parts of the UK or Europe. We will discuss these options with you when we plan your programme of study and module choices.

What visa will I need?
You can come for up to 6 months on a student visitor visa, although you should be aware that this will not allow you to work in the UK. For a longer visit, please contact Tiffany Banks for advice –  

Where will I live?
We can help to find you accommodation, either privately in the local area or in the same halls of residence that our students use.

How do I apply?
In the first instance, please contact Tiffany Banks, Student Services Officer, who will be able to guide you through the process – 

Depending on arrangements at your home university, they may pay your fees while you are with us, or you may need to pay us directly. As a visiting student from outside the European Union, you will pay a registration fee, plus our annual international tuition fee for a full year’s study, or half if you come to us for a semester.  Please click here for fee information.

“It was just fantastic. Not only did I make a lot of great friends and connections, but I feel like I have taken some of the most challenging courses in my academic career. I completely fell in love with the Lighting Design course and would have stayed longer if I could.”

Rachel Sampley, visiting student with BA Lighting Design.