Fee Information


We believe that talented students from a variety of backgrounds should have the oportunity to study at Rose Bruford College. We therefore offer a range of bursaries and scholarship opportunities across our various programmes. Please click here for more information. 

Undergraduate Programme Fees

UK/EU Undergraduate BA (Hons) Tuition Fees 
Tuition fees for new UK/EU students will be £9,250 for the 2020/2021 academic year. 

International Undergraduate BA (Hons) Tuition Fees
Tuition fees for new International students will be £18,000 for the 2020/2021 academic year. 

Interview and Audition Fees
Please visit our interview and audition page for a breakdown of fees by course and fee waiving criteria.  

BA (Hons) Theatre Studies
Students on the College’s online BA (Hons) Theatre Studies learning programme pay a fee for each module taken. Please visit the individual programme page for fee information.

Student Loans and Support
Please visit our Student Loans page for information about financial support you can apply for. 

Semester Abroad
Fees will be tailored to individual study requirements.

Postgraduate Programme Fees

MA/MFA Actor Musicianship
MA (13 months study)
UK/EU Fees: £15,000
International Fees: £18,500
MFA (2 years):
UK/EU Fees: £23,500
International Fees: £24,500

MA/MFA Actor and Performer Training 
MA (13 months study)
UK/EU Fees: £16,500
International Fees: £18,500
MFA (2 years)
UK/EU Fees: £23,500
International Fees: £24,500

MA/MFA Collaborative Theatre Making
MA (13 months study)

UK/EU Fees: £15,000
International Fees: 18,500
MFA (2 years)
UK/EU Fees: £23,500
International Fees: £24,500

MA Light in Performance
UK/EU Fees: £10,900
International Fees: 16,000

MA/MFA Theatre For Young Audiences
MA (13 months study)
UK/EU Fees: £12,500
International Fees: £18,000
MFA (2 years)
UK/EU Fees: £20,000
International Fees: £23,000

MA Devised Theatre and Performance (arthaus.berlin)
UK/EU/International Fees MA (13 months study): £15,250

MFA Advanced Devising Practice (arthaus.berlin)
UK/EU/Internationa Fees: £24,500

MA International Theatre Practice and Performance
UK/EU/International Fees (13 months): £36,500

MFA International Theatre Practice and Performance
UK/EU/International Fees (3 years): £96,000 (£32,000 per year)

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills provide a loan for eligible UK/EU students of up to £10,609 per student for postgraduate Masters study. Please see the video below and click here for more information.


MPhil/PhD Research Degree Programme in collaboration with the University of East London
Full-time UK/EU: - £5,260

Full time International Fees: - £14.040

Part-time UK/EU: - £2,630

Part time International Fees: £7,020

Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE) — Part-time
UK/EU Fees £3,250 per year
International Fees: £9,000

Non-Accredited Courses

Please note that these course are not eligible for Student Finance England (SFE) funding.

Acting Part-time
UK/EU/International Fees: £620 per term

Acting Foundation (6 months) (2020 entry fees)

UK/EU/International Fees:

Acting Intensive Course
£2,400 for 6 weeks full time

Workshops and Summer Schools

We run a range of Part -time, Summer and Youth Programmes throughout the year. Please visit our course pages for full details about fees.

Additional Costs

Some of our programmes and courses carry additional costs such as clothing, equipment and visits. These costs are outlined in the individual course and programme pages.

Paying Fees Online

Paying Fees Direct to the College. For students that have chosen not to have a Tuition Fee Loan, tuition fees can be paid in either of the following ways:

  • Full payment at the start of the academic year by cheque, banker’s draft, bank transfer or credit/debit card
  • In two instalments, with half the fees due prior to the commencement of the programme, and the balance by the start of the second semester by cheque, banker’s draft, bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Please make cheques payable to Rose Bruford College.

Credit and Debit CardsBank transfers can be sent direct from your bank to Rose Bruford College’s bank account, details are as follows:
HSBC Bank plc
38 High Street
Kent DA1 1DG

Account Name: Rose Bruford College
Account Number: 81393669
Sort Code 40-19-04
IBAN: GB69HBUK40190481393669
BIC 11 code: HBUKGB4128K

Pay online via Flywire

The full name and programme details of the student for whom the fee is being paid must accompany payment.

Please note that it can take up to two weeks to receive a bank transfer, therefore please make sure that you send the money in plenty of time to meet any deadlines. Bank charges may be deducted from the payment received into the College’s bank account and you will be responsible for any underpayment of tuition fees as a result of this. In order to avoid underpayment of tuition fees, you must arrange for the bank charges to be paid at the time of transfer from your own bank account.

Equivalent Level Qualifications (ELQs) 

In 2008, the Government began to phase out funding for UK/EU students studying for a qualification that is equivalent to, or of a lower level than, one they already held. 

This means that if you already hold a Master’s degree, for example, but wish to study for a Bachelor’s degree you may no longer be entitled to pay the Home/EU fees. The same applies if you wish to study 
for an equivalent qualification. 

It affects all home and EU students no matter when or where their current qualifications were gained. This includes qualifications gained outside 
of the United Kingdom. 

Undergraduate or Postgraduate ELQ fees will be the same as those charged to International students. 

Please note that students who are in receipt of a Disabled Students Allowance from UK Government Student Support Funding are exempt from the ELQ policy. 

Disclosure of ELQs 

Students are required to disclose details of all qualifications they hold at the point of application in order that a proper assessment of fee status can be made. The College will take action to reclaim fees retrospectively from registered students who are undercharged, if such undercharging is the result of the applicant failing to provide complete or accurate qualifications data on which their fee status was based, or as a result of a failure of the applicant to disclose the ELQ status when asked to do so.