International Audition and Interview Dates

Our 2018 schedule of International interviews and auditions will be available shortly.

Recent feedback to our MA/MFA auditions:

“What a callback! I appreciated the sampling of ensemble and movement work we accomplished and it has made a lasting impression. Even in that short time, I realized the holistic approach you portrayed in connecting our movement with our voices as we transitioned to our pieces.”

“Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed the process of working my monologue with you. I found the experience to be unparalleled."

“I remember there was one school that I thought was pretty groovy. It was called Rose Bruford College and I ended up staying there for three-and-a-half years.”

Lake Bell - Actor, Writer and Director.

“Something inexplicable happened the day I attended a workshop and was auditioned in the States. I knew that I had found my home!

Benjamin Bean, MA Ensemble Theatre Graduate 2016
United States of America