Workshop Details

Summer School for British National Stage Combat Workshop.

Certification with the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat.

Basic Workshop for students with little or no previous experience.

Intermediate/Advanced Workshop for students who have current stage combat certification in at least Rapier & Dagger and Unarmed Combat with the BASSC or the equivalent from another recognised stage combat training organisation.

11-day workshop.  8th August – 12th August (week 1).  15th August – 20th August (week 2).

All classes are taught face-to-face.  Students must attend all days to meet the minimum hours requirement for the certification exam.

What you'll study

The BNSCW has been the flagship workshop of the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat for 29 years.

It is much more than a workshop; it’s a meeting of actors and other like-minded creatives from all over the world who come together and do something not just different, but collaborative and engaging.

That’s why so many students return year after year.  There must just be something about trying to stab people for two weeks that brings them together.

Stage combat is an incredible skill to have in your arsenal as an actor. It combines high-emotion acting with precision movements that can turn the quietest and smallest of us into ferocious warriors, and the largest and loudest into delicate masters to the audience.

Join us at the BNSCW to add exciting and inspiring skills to your CV.

You can add your Actor/Combatant certification to your Spotlight page and have a qualification that’s recognised not just in the UK, but with stage combat organisations all over the world.

Workshop Content

Day One is a lovely, easy day when past students and teachers reunite and new faces are introduced with some energising warm-ups.

We’re an approachable and sociable bunch who know the only way through the sweaty days of rehearsals, are good, supportive people.

Some days, we even congregate for a bit of socialising at the pub after the workshop day.

Week One

From Basic to Advanced, we’re learning safety, technique and performance principles for maximum effect on stage. To wind down for the weekend, the first Friday includes a bonus workshop involving everyone from both workshops, which, in previous years, has been a massed battle, vocal work and even period costume performance principles. We make sure it is as varied and exciting as possible for us all each year.

Week Two

We take the lessons of Week One to make Theatre, known as the Fight Performance Exam (FPE). The real acting starts here, with your fight partner and a scene for each weapon you will then be certified in, perfected from Monday to Friday.

Final Saturday

This is FPE day, where we prepare to dazzle audiences and a BASSC examiner to achieve our certificates and be presented with them in a little awards ceremony (outside if the weather is good, inside if it isn’t) before the workshop is complete.

From the BNSCW you can go on to train in other weapons with BASSC teachers and perhaps return to the workshop as an Intern assisting students, and go on to train as a BASSC Teacher and a Fight Director.

Teaching staff

Basic Workshop

  • Unarmed Combat: BASSC Certified Teacher, Taylor Hohman
  • Rapier & Dagger: BASSC Certified Teacher, Zhenya Leverett

Intermediate/Advanced Workshop

  • Rapier & Cloak: BASSC Master Teacher, Roger Bartlett
  • Sword & Shield: BASSC Certified Teacher, Andrei Zayats

Entry requirements

For the Basic Workshop you need no previous experience of stage combat.

For the Intermediate/Advanced Workshop you need to have certification in at least Unarmed Combat and Rapier & Dagger with the BASSC or the equivalent from another recognised stage combat organisation.

For further information contact: [email protected]

So ready?