Everyone who knew Kate by her family name or Kit by her professional persona has been rocked by the sad news of her passing. She is pictured here in a shot from the American Theatre Arts production of San Diego in 2014, the year she graduated from Rose Bruford. But it is impossible to capture her in a single image. She was a multidisciplinary artist whose intellectual curiosity and artistic vision led her to numerous collaborations and her work to an international audience. I recommend a visit to her website, providing as it does a feast of images, sounds and experiments. One hopes that Kit knew how hungry we all were for more.

I have been overwhelmed by how many people have been in touch to talk about how much they valued working with Kit: old college friends, former tutors, directors and fellow artists. Her most recent work tended to focus on solo projects, highlighting her poetry, photography and videography, but she was also a terrific company member, a team player and a wonderfully witty live performer with a mesmeric singing voice. She identified as synaesthetic and brought to her art an intensely sensory engagement with the world: sound as colour, words as music, a kaleidoscopic response to landscape and atmosphere from her home in the Pennines to her time in Chicago, San Francisco, Paris and back again. She was generous with her praise, feisty in her opinions and never less than passionate, always keen to share her influences and to influence others. Her journey now takes her somewhere we can’t follow and the loss is immeasurable. But she leaves behind a body of work that will continue to inspire, to move and to console us.

“When this all ends
it will be the beginning
although we won’t be there to see it
if it’s anything like what’s here now
it will be beautiful.”

Steven Dykes, Programme Director, American Theatre Arts