European Theatre Arts, in collaboration with Creative Lighting Control, Lighting Design, Stage Management, and Performance Sound present .0.


Director  Jonathan Grieve

Assistant Director  Lisa Stelley

Lighting Designer  Matt Bevan

Sound Designer  Harry Haywood


The starting Point is Zero.

It is the Point where we begin any measurement.

Zero as a counting number means that no object is present.

It is the only integer - the only Point - that is neither negative nor positive.

Neither left nor right.

Up or down.

Zero is not a position.

It is not an opinion.

It is not an event.

It is the Point of no movement.

When the world has stopped.

When it is about to spin.

At Zero, all can begin.

Nothing has started.

In a world of stagnation, progress waits for no man.

In a world of Point Zero, progress awaits...


Please note .0 contains very strong language, nudity and scenes that may cause offence. It is an interactive performance where the audience will have direct contact with the characters.



Tuesday 13 December - 8.30pm
Wednesday 14 December - 6.30pm
Thursday 15 December - 8.30pm

Tickets: Standard £5, Rose Bruford College Students £1.50

Rose Theatre



Julien Short

Michael Blundell-Lithco

Jordi Casado

Faye Chandler

Lori Delaney

Holly Delefortrie

Benjamin Ecclestone

Agnes Ejsmont

Laura Hayward

Silje Helland

Tom King

Andrea Lasota


Lilia Nova

Miranda Porter

Toby Pritchard

Jennifer Wren

Jasmine Newsome-Stone


Production Team

Technical Manager                                Callum Timbrell

Production Supervisor                           Dan Leman

Production Stage Manager                    Charlie West

Production Electrician                            Tom Sutcliffe

LX Programmer                                      Dean Bennetts

Sound Operator                                      Tracey Mabios

Stage Manager Tutor                             Jo Rawlinson

Deputy Stage Manager                          Jaz Sharland

Assistant Stage Manager                       Daniel Jackson & Robyn Manners

Photography                                           Michael O'ReiIIy