The House of Bernarda Alba

Director Cressida Brown

Designer Abigail Screen

Lighting Designer Michael Clay

Musical Directors Olivia Warren & Zoe West

Sound Designer Oscar Cotran

In the scorching heat of Southern Spain, five daughters live under the tyrannical rule of their embittered mother. When the father of four of the girls dies, a cynical marriage is proposed, exposing desires and tensions among the sisters. This poetic tragedy is given a stark and contemporary treatment by David Hare’s recent translation and an ensemble amateur production with live music.



Bernarda Rachel Lemon

María Josefa, Bernarda’s mother Daisy Adams

Angustias, Bernarda’s daughter Adriana Moore

Magdalena, Bernarda’s daughter Yvonne Lawlor

Amelia, Bernarda’s daughter Alice Renshaw

Martirio, Bernarda’s daughter Katie Spencer-Blake

Adela, Bernarda’s daughter Georgia Burnell

Poncia, a servant Eleanor Ordish

The Servant Hannah Hopewell

Prudencia Ella Dunlop

A Beggar Woman Ella Dunlop

A Little Girl Ella Dunlop

First Woman Jesse Bateson

Second Woman Olivia Warren

Third Woman Zoe West


Production Team

Production Manager Callum Spalding-Wood

Head of Lighting Sam Jackson

Production Electrician Alex Loftie

Head of Sound Patrick Ball

Production Engineer Will Black

Sound Operator Matt Collins

Lighting Programmer Andrew Cook

Scenic Team Scarlett McLean, Conor McMahon Kerry-Anne Rosewood & Gareth Shippen

Stage Manager Sarah Wardle

Deputy Stage Manager Alex Ouaddane

Assistant Stage Manager Aaron Collins

Assistant Stage Manager Jack Williams

Costume Supervisor Charlotte White

Costume Supervisor Hayley Kent

Costume Maker/Assistant Li-Lee Choo

Costume Maker/Assistant Nicola Allen

Costume Maker/Assistant Regine Wilhelms


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