The Seagull

Director Jeremy Harrison

Designer Maria D’Arcy

Musical Directors Ellie-Jane Goddard & Nenda Neurer

Lighting Designer Samuel Woolass

Sound Designer Callum Timbrell


A country house by a magnificent lake. The air is thick with dreams and fears, hopes of success and the dread of failure. The house is dominated by a Irina Arkadina, a famous actress; Kostya, her son is a passionate and rebellious writer who shoots a seagull; Trigorin, her lover is a successful novelist who writes a story about the dead bird. And then there is Nina, a mysterious young actress: ‘the seagull’ whose story changes everything.



Thursday 24 November - 7pm

Friday 25 November - 2.30pm & 7pm

Saturday 26 November - 4pm


Tickets: £7 full price (Concessions: £5 for 65+ & students)




Irina Arkadina, An actress  Timmika Ramsay

Konstantin Trepliev, Her son  Henry Rundle

Piotr Sorin, Her brother  Daniel Marot

Nina Zarechnaya, A young actress  Billie Hamer

Ilya Shamraev, A retired Lieutenant, Manages Sorin’s Farm  Shaq B.Grant

Polina Shamraev, His wife  Tilly-Mae Millbrook

Masha Shamraev, Their daughter  Ellie-Jane Goddard

Aleksei Trigorin A writer  Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong

Evgeyni Dorn, A doctor  Euan Wilson

Semyon Medviedenko, A teacher  Jack Blakey

Yakov, A workman  James Killeen

Maid & Narrator Nenda Neurer


Production Team

Production Manager Callum Spalding-Wood

Head of Lighting Sam Jackson

Production Electrician James Rodd

Head of Sound Patrick Ball

Production Engineer Matt Collins

Sound Operator Sonia Cassius-Clay

Lighting Programmer Chris Mould

Scenic Team Ayumi Hayashi, Bekki Stewart, Jo Earles, Oliver Tratt & Ryker Towerzey

Stage Manager Sarah Wardle

Deputy Stage Manager Charlotte French

Assistant Stage Manager Emily Walters & Connor Gooch

Costume Supervisor Adelina Wade

Costume Makers/Assistants Eden Lorinson Frances Williams, Frances Worrell & Tamara Hine


This performance contains some strong language that could cause offence.