Coronavirus Updates

Last updated: April 2021:  

More information about the return to campus and how the testing will take place can be found here - Coronavirus Testing and Return to Campus.

Here is a copy of the COVID protocols and guidelines for students returning to campus. You should have received this to your College email address and can also find it on the VLE.

You can find the risk assessments relating to specific activities here (you will need to log in to the VLE):

Travelling to campus

You can continue to use public transport to get to College because this is an essential journey for educational purposes but walk or cycle if you can.  
This applies to staff as well as students. Travel for work at a university or college, as well as for study, is still permitted, such as to facilitate a rehearsal or performance, necessary administration and to keep the campus running. 
Travelling home 
If you are a student living in Christopher Court or other term-time accommodation, the government has asked that you do not move backwards and forwards between your permanent home and your student home. We know this will be hard for some students and we will do everything we can to support you. Please contact Student Services if you are concerned or anxious.
The government has said that students should only return home at the end of the term for Christmas. They will be publishing further guidance on the end of the term in the coming weeks, and we will keep you up to date as soon as we receive more information. 
Safety measures on campus 
It is more important than ever that we adhere to the number of important safety rules that we have instituted at the College: 

  • Do not come to campus if you feel unwell or are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms 
  • If you experience symptoms, notify Student Services (students) or the HR Department (staff), arrange for a test and inform us again once you have received your test result. Self-isolate until you have received your test result
  • If your test is positive, continue to self-isolate for 14 days together with your household. After 14 days you should get a further test to ascertain if you are now negative and can return to campus
  • Wear a face covering when moving around the campus buildings and during classes as outlined by your tutors
  • Maintain social distancing at all times 
  • Wash/sanitize your hands regularly
  • Do not socialise outside of your teaching bubbles.

We now have the marquee in front of Lamorbey House available to students to shelter to eat their lunch etc. This marquee has space for 130 socially distanced students. The Rose Café and the Bru Bar each have space for 26 socially distanced students. Please remember social distancing when sitting at, or standing close to, tables in these spaces.
Rules to follow outside of campus 
There are stricter government rules in place outside of campus. Following these rules is important to protect the health and safety of the Bruford community and beyond. We have outlined the important new rules below: 

  • You must not leave home other than to come to campus, exercise outdoors, for medical reasons, to shop for necessities or to visit a member of your support bubble 
  • You must not meet socially indoors with family or friends unless they are part of your household or support bubble 
  • You can exercise or visit outdoor public places with the people you live with, your support bubble, or one person from another household. You cannot mix households in private gardens

Professional services staff
Most professional services staff are already working from home and should continue to do so where they can. Staff who are uncertain should contact their line manager.  
Academic Staff
As the College’s educational activities on campus will continue in the same way as they are now, academic staff should continue to work as they have been this term. Academic staff who have any concerns about this should speak to their line manager.
Sources of support
We are here to support you and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact or
For students who are self-isolating the College will keep in regular touch to ensure that you have all the support you need and will provide you with a weekly food box.
For more information about covid-19 testing, please see the following website:

A word from Niamh Dowling, Head of School of Performance. 


Ensuring the safety of our staff and students during the evolving COVID 19 pandemic is of utmost importance to Rose Bruford College. We will comply with UK Government guidance as it is delivered and will be updating all relevant information and risk assessments regularly. We will also take on board the wider advice from national bodies such as the NHS and Public Health England (PHE).

On-campus you will find the following measures have been implemented to ensure we can continue to teach safely.

·       Social distancing measures appropriate to the space, such as one-way systems and screens

·       Mandatory mask-wearing around campus (unless exempt)

·       Hand sanitiser stations around campus

·       Guidance for students using specialist spaces or in teaching environments where social distancing isn’t possible

·       A temperature sensor which alerts reception staff to anyone entering the campus with a high temperature

·       An isolation room and support procedure if a case is suspected on campus.

·       Regular and in-depth cleaning routines across the campus and hall of residence

·       Keeping doors and windows open where possible to improve ventilation and airflow

Our staff and students have a shared responsibility for ensuring that our campus is safe for us to continue high-quality face to face learning and teaching.

We are all committed to working together, exercising personal responsibility, and positively co-operating to make sure our environment is as safe as it can be, and an inclusive and successful community. To do this, we will:

·       Respect each other and take reasonable care - for ourselves and for those who use our campus who may be affected by our acts or omissions

·       Keep each other safe by abiding by any current COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, including, for example, wearing face coverings when expected and able to do so

·       Respect our differences including acknowledging that wearing face masks is not possible for all

·       Act in a way that enriches our own educational experiences and that of others

·       Feel empowered to resist peer pressure and reject behaviours that are not in keeping with our values or relevant COVID-19 guidelines. 

·       Commit to a considerate way of working that enables shared use of space in accordance with university and other relevant health and safety requirements

For more details on the above and how teaching will take place, please see the Principal’s note to Level 4 students.

Staff Policy on COVID19

Information for Performance Students

Information for Design Management and Technical Students

College Production House Rules 

Download the NHS COVID-19 app today

The new NHS COVID-19 app, now available to download for free in England and Wales, is the fastest way to see if you're at risk from coronavirus. The faster you know, the quicker you can alert and protect your loved ones and community.

Social distancing 

Social distancing remains crucially important in stopping the spread of coronavirus. On-campus, you’ll see clear safety signage reminding you to maintain a safe distance from others wherever possible.

In some instances, this will mean one-way systems, or signs limiting the number of people in smaller spaces. There will also be specific entrances and exits to buildings, so look out for the signs to direct you.

Please stay aware of your surroundings and others around you. People with reduced mobility or who have hearing or visual impairments, for example, may navigate one-way systems differently or might not be able to see or hear you. Everyone who uses our campus should be able to do so with consideration and respect – giving way to others and communicating politely will help everyone get around buildings safely.

Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using hand sanitizer, regularly throughout the day will reduce the risk of catching or passing on the virus. Please make use of the hand sanitiser stations around campus.

Face coverings

While face coverings are not a replacement for social distancing and regular handwashing, they play a vital role in containing the virus. We will ask all students, staff, and visitors to wear face coverings on campus whilst moving around buildings and between them unless you have a valid exemption. 


Communication within the Rose Bruford family will be vital to us all staying safe and will allow us to respond quickly to any changes that need to be made, both nationally and locally.

Regular communications and changes in procedures or guidelines will be sent to students and staff emails, social media, and website updates.

We ask everyone to keep an eye on our communications channels regularly, in case there are important updates we need to share.

Keeping your accommodation COVID-secure

We are all responsible for keeping our campus and accommodation COVID-secure, with every student playing a part in keeping our community safe.

There are some simple steps you can take to keep your new home and housemates as safe as possible:

·       Clean your home regularly with anti-bacterial cleaning products to minimise the risk of infection

·       Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds using soap and water

·       Use hand sanitiser regularly

·       Cover your coughs and sneezes

·       If you have symptoms, stay as far away from other members of your household as you can

·       Discuss house rules early on – things are likely to run more smoothly if you have a shared agreement to COVID safety and are comfortable with each other’s behaviour

·       Communicate with each other on what works best to keep your household safe

·       Wear face coverings when needed - think of your housemates when out and about, they are now your household

Christopher Court

You will be required to wear a face-covering when moving around, entering, or leaving Christopher Court. Overnight guests will not be permitted at this time. Students in private accommodation are advised to discuss similar measures with their household.

You’ll be part of a new household.

Once you have moved into your accommodation, you and your new flatmates will be considered as a single household under the current UK Government guidelines. You will be expected to follow the latest UK Government advice to limit the risk of infection for yourself, your flatmates, and the wider community.

Social distancing is not required within your accommodation unless you or a housemate is self-isolating. This means that within your household, you are not required to wear a face covering. However, in communal spaces, shared corridors, or events where you will be socially distanced and meeting other people, you may be required to wear a face covering.

What are the current rules of social activity?

In line with UK Government and Public Health England, new restrictions that came into force on Monday 14 September mean that social gatherings of more than six people will be against the law both indoors and outdoors.

The current limit does not apply to gatherings for education or work purposes when necessary, meaning the new law will not impact college plans for teaching.

All social activities on or off-campus must comply with the latest guidance. This means the rule of six must be observed at all times. Students are also advised to try to minimise contact with those outside of their teaching ‘bubbles’ wherever possible.

Students will, however, be able to socialise with the same household they form in their student accommodation, even if the household exceeds six people.

Help and Support

We understand that embarking on your studies during the COVID 19 pandemic and the changing circumstances surrounding controlling the virus could create a lot of additional pressure and anxiety on top of the usual nerves you may feel about starting the next phase of your student life. Our Student Services team are here to help you; you can contact them directly by emailing

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Please continue to follow the latest Government advice relating to Coronavirus.