Graduating class of 2021

Congratulations to our graduating BA (Hons) Acting & Actor Musicianship class!

Please take a look at our Graduate Brochure 2021 to learn more about their skills.

A message from the Principal, Clarie Middleton:

"The training undertaken by our students today focuses upon their need to sustain demanding and ever-changing careers in the theatre and the performing arts more widely. This year their resilience and adaptability have been tested more than ever, and these performances are a testament to their tenacity and dedication. Our selection process for students in the College’s School of Performance is extremely rigorous, and we recruit each year only a very small proportion of those who apply to us. In doing so, we seek to ensure the recruitment of a diverse group of performers to meet the contemporary and future needs of the industry. Throughout their time at the College, our Performance students are exposed to a wide variety of types of theatre, performing in a range of spaces, both within and outside the College. Our students are encouraged to be independent-minded and flexible. Whilst we encourage the development of our students as individual performers, they are also trained to work collaboratively, respecting all who work alongside them. As part of their training, our students are made aware of the challenges associated with a career in the world of theatre and performance. We are very confident that all of our graduating students have the potential to make a significant contribution to this exciting and rewarding industry. We hope that you enjoy our students’ performances."
Clarie Middleton Principal & Chief Executive