Students' Union

Our Students' Union is run by representatives elected by students. As well as being responsible for representing the students body they also put together a range of social events and societies throughout the year. 

Welcome to the Rose Bruford College Students' Union

The on-campus Rose Bruford Students' Union is lead by a team of executive officers who are there to support you & your experience alongside your studies at the College.

As well as encouraging you to engage with the College’s student voice, we’re also here to run social events across the year such as Fresher's Fair and the annual Summer Ball.  

Our officers represent a range interests, programmes & people across the College and each year are re-elected by the student body to serve for the academic year. On this page you can see what the Students' Union are currently up to.

Meet the 2019/2020 SU Executive Team

Visit our website for the latest events 

Any questions?

Contact us by e-mail if you are a current or prospective student.