Student Profile: Adriana Perucca

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  • Height: 5"7
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Age: 20-25

Training & Related skills

Accents  (Native*)

 American-Standard, Cockney, London, Midlands-East, Northampton, Oxfordshire*

Musical Skills  (Highly Skilled*)

Bass Guitar, Belt, Composer, Harmony Singing, Mezzo Soprano, Musical Director, Viola, Violin*

Production & Projects

The Voice/ Musical Director      Lines                                    2016       Pangean Productions    Dir. Ryan Wilson

Marcia (Marcus)                        Titus Andronicus                  2016       Rose Bruford                 Dir. Peter Bramley

Melissa                                      Party Time                           2015       Rose Bruford                 Dir. Matt Wilde

Lyubov Ranevskaya                 The Cherry Orchard             2015       Rose Bruford                 Dir.Alison Mckinnen

Emily/ Musical Director            Chaucer:Hold up your Tale   2013       N10 Productions            Dir.Lauren Overs