Student Profile: Caitlin Lavagna

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  • Height: 5' 10" (177cm)
  • Eye Colour: Golden Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Spotlight Number: 6534-1203-4205
  • Age: 20-30

Contact details

Training & Related skills

Young Actors Studio, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, (2016-2017)


Accents & Dialects (* = native/fluent):

Welsh – Southern*, Gibraltarian*, Heightened RP*, RP*, American –                                                    Southern States, American – Standard, Cockney, Irish, West Country.


Languages (* = native/fluent):             

English* Basic Llanito/Gibraltarian, Basic Welsh.


Singing, Music & Dance (* = highly skilled): 

Mezzo Soprano* (E3-  C6, Belt to D5) Musical Instruments: Drum                                                                Kit*, Cajon*, Percussion*, Choral Singing*, Harmony Singing*,                                                                      Piano, Bass, Glockenspiel, Xylophone Historical Dance*,                                                                                Contemporary Dance*, Ballroom Dance, Choreographing.


Performance (* = highly skilled):

Children’s Entertainer/Theatre*, American Camp Councillor*, Samba Band Leader/Composer*, Fire Gun Training (GLOCK)*, TIE, Stage Combat, Public Speaking, Physical Theatre.             


Other Skills & Sports (* = highly skilled):

Barista*, Barmaid*, Swimming*, Face painting, Directing, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Skiing, Sailing, Volleyball, Cycling, Horse Riding, Fishing, Stage Makeup.                              


Vehicle Licenses:  

Full Clean Driving License.