Student Profile: Callum Spalding-Wood

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I am currently in my second year of study at Rose Bruford College on the Stage Management course. I had worked in the creative industry for a few years before attending University, I have worked in most departments of live theatre performance under a variety of roles, and i have also worked in a few roles beyond stage management, such as Writer, Producer and a few others on films and a few roles within Event management.

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I trained in Lighting, Sound, Costume and Construction before I began to learn Stage Management in 2012, since first beginning Stage Management, I learnt a lot whilst working in the creative industry from 2012-present day, however, my training at Rose Bruford College has taught me far more than I could've hoped to learn by hopping from job to job in the company that I work with.

Production & Projects

I worked as an Event Manager on the Stanislavski Conference in March 2016, I oversaw many aspects of the Conference weekend such as People Management, Live Theatre Performance and Technical Management alongside my role in organising the event prior to its commencement.

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