Student Profile: Douglas Seldin

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  • Height: 6'0''
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Age: 30-40

Training & Related skills

Additional Academic and Conservatory Training:

Skidmore College, BS in Acting & Theatre(2004-2008)

Conservatory at Shakespeare & Company (2007)


Accents & Dialects (* = native/fluent): Standard American*, New England*, RP, Southern American 

Languages (* = native/fluent): English*, Elementary Spanish

Singing, Music & Dance (* = highly skilled): Tenor* (G2-F5, Belt to A4,), Harmony Singing.  Musical Instruments: Basic mixed procession and hand drumming.

Performance (* = highly skilled):  Fight(All at Expert Level): Rapier*, Dagger*, Shortsword*, Broadsword*, Un-armed*, Found-weapons*, Mixed Period Weaponry*, High Falls & Stunt Craft*, Domestic Violence*. Clown* (Lecoq), Fight Captain*, Elizabethan Dance, 

Other Skills & Sports (* = highly skilled): Fight Director* & Teacher* (Designated by Shakespeare & Company, B.H. Barry Lineage), Shakespeare & Company Training Faculty Member (Text, Fight, Clown)*, Power Lifting/CrossFit, Teaching Artist*, 3 Ball Juggling, Assorted Martial Arts, Ballroom Dance, Beard Growing.

Vehicle Licenses:  Full Driving License.



Production & Projects

Selected Theatre Credits

A Comedy of Errors (Luce) at Shakespeare & Company.  Dir Taibi Magar.

Macbeth (Bloody Sergeant, Murderer) at Saratoga Shakespeare Company. Dir David Gerrard.

Mother Courage & Her Children (Munitions Officer) Staring Olympia Dukakis at Shakespeare & Company. Dir. Tony Simotis.

The Liar (Cliton) at Shakespeare & Company.  Dir. Kevin G.Coleman.

Tartuffe (Tartuffe) at Shakespeare & Company.  Dir. Gina Kaufman.

Macbeth (Banquo, Porter, Doctor, Seyton) at Shakespeare & Company.  Dir. Jonathan  Croy.

Hamlet (Laertes) at Worcester Shakespeare Company.  Dir Michael Burnet.                                                                                                            

Comedy of Errors (Dromio of Ephasis) at Worcester Shakesepare Company. Dir Mel Cobb.

Richard III (Grey, Fight Captain) Staring John Douglas Thompson at Shakespeare & Company. Dir Jonathan Cory.

The Winter’s Tale (Dion) at Shakespeare & Company. Dir Kevin G. Coleman.

Les Liaison Dangereuses (Major Domo, Father Ensalme) at Shakespeare & Company.   Dir Tina Paker

Macbeth (Ross) at Worcester Shakespeare Company.  Dir Edward Isser.

Much Ado About Nothing (Borachio) at Worcester Shakespeare Company. Dir Edward Isser.

All’s Well That Ends Well (Drummer Boy [Clown]) at Shakespeare & Company Dir Tina Paker

Wild & Whirling Words (Horatio, Capulet, Leontes, Hal, Nym) at Shakespeare & Company. Dir Dennis Krausnick

The Winter’s Tale (Lord) at Shakespeare on The Sound.