Student Profile: Edd Knight

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I am a London based Lighting Designer, Creative, Programmer, and Production Electrician.


I enjoy bringing visual creative ideas into existence through the use of technologies both old and new. 
With my adaptable mindset and skillset allowing me to learn new software and technologies to solve problems and evolve my creative works. 

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Training & Related skills

AutoCad user

Qlab user

Eos Family user

Production & Projects

SuRie - [ˈdʌz(ə)n]- Lighting Programmer/Associate

Lipstick -  Lighting Programmer/Associate

The Green Fairy - Lighting Programmer/Associate

Green Tangerines - Live Session - Lighting Designer

Victoria's Knickers - Lighting Designer

Brilliant Adventures - Lighting Designer

The Strip - Production Electrician 

The Penelopiad- Head of Lighting

The Good Person of Szechwan - Head of Lighting

Scenes From An Execution - Head of Lighting

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