Student Profile: Ellie-Jane Goddard

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  • Height: 5'3
  • Eye Colour: LightBlue
  • Ethnicity: White British
  • Spotlight Number: 2057-7869-0697
  • Age: 16-25

Training & Related skills

Accents: Standard English, West Sussex* (native), RP* (native), Heightened RP*, General London*, Cockney, Essex, General American, American-Californa.

Musical Skills: Classically trained soprano* (F3-D6, belt to D5, Musical theatre*, Opera, Jazz, pop), Violin*, Piano*, choral singing*, harmony singing*, sight-singing*, sight-reading, a capella, Saxophone, guitar, recorder/alto recorder, Viola (basic).

Skills: swimming*, cycling*, horse-riding, ice-skating, roller-blading, cricket, archery (basic), stage combat, historical dance, social dance, singing teacher,  piano teacher.

Production & Projects

2016, Masha, The Seagull, Jermemy Harrison, Rose Bruford.

2016, Mamillius/Time, A Winter's Tale, Gerrard MacArthur, Rose Bruford.

2016, Isle/MD, Spring Awakening, Nikki Levitt and Rosela Doda, Rose Bruford.

2016, Ensemble, Us and them: then and now, Laura Keefe, Rose Bruford.

2015, Sonya, Celebration, Matt Wilde, Rose Bruford.

2015, Charlotta, The Cherry Orchard, Alison McKinnon, Rose Bruford.

2015, Sophie, Activism, Phillip Osment, Rose Bruford.

2014, Maria, West Side Story, Linda Banks, Sussex Downs College, Lewes.