Student Profile: Fanta Barrie

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  • Height: 5.5
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Mixrace
  • Spotlight Number: 9492-8975-4319
  • Age: 16-25

Contact details

Training & Related skills

Accents/Dialects: Strong ear for accents*, American- general, American-New York, African-American-Vernacular, Cockney, Dublin, Estuary-English, Edinburgh, Lithuanian*(basic Lithuanian), Northern, Northampton*, Manchester, Multicultural London, RP, west African* 

Skills: Archery-basic, Ballet-basic, Basketball, Contemporary Dance, contact improvisation, CRB, DBS, Modern dance, Period Dance, Rock climbing, Stage combat, swimming

Musical Skills: Alto-Mezzo* (E-G), (G-D) Contemporary singing. Gospel singing, Jazz singing, piano-basic.

Production & Projects

2017The Mandate, Nastia, Rose Bruford, Annie Fitzmaurice

2017, The Merchant of Venice, Jessica, Rose Bruford, Adjoa Andoh

2017, Frankenstein, Elizabeth Lavenza, Glen Tilin, Quater too Ensemble

2016The Plebeians Rehearse the uprising, Rose Bruford, Collin Elwood

2015, The Lower Depths, Rose Bruford, Jullian Jones

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