Student Profile: Jack Blakey

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  • Height: 5'10"
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Spotlight Number: 4134-5614-4216
  • Age: 16-25

Training & Related skills

Singing: Baritone, F2 to A4
Accents: Bradford*, Leeds, Northern, Yorkshire
Musical Skills: Drum Kit*, Electric Bass*, Irish Flute*, Arranging*, Musical Director*, Fretless Bass, Double Bass, Tin Whistle, Cajon, Composition, Flute,  Folk Harp, Guitar, Melodeon, Timpani, Trumpet, Unpitched Percussion, Bodhran
Additional Skills: Fire Poi*, Fire Staff*, Stage Combat, Cycling, Historical Dance, Social Dance, Verbatim, Juggling, Contact Juggling, Knitting, Rowing, Sailing, Hula-Hooping, Bartending, Forum, Barista, Narrowboat Helmsmanship

Production & Projects

The Seagull                         Medviedenko               Jeremy Harrison          Rose Bruford

Macbeth                              Porter, Ensemble        Jane Bertish                Rose Bruford

The Fifth Continent               Vicar/Facilitator           Zephryn Taitte             Pan Intercultural Arts / Rose Bruford

Illyria / Mountain Language    Fabian/Shoemaker/     Alison MacKinnon       Rose Bruford

The Cabaret Farce                Double Bass Player     Bebe & Luna Present  Momentum Venue (Edinburgh Fringe)

The Cherry Orchard              Simeon Yepikhodov      Alison MacKinnon       Rose Bruford

Kevin Spacey Gala               Ensemble                    Rob Ashford                The Old Vic

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