Student Profile: James Killeen

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Training & Related skills

Accents/Dialects: Dublin (native), West of Ireland (highly skilled), RP (highly skilled), Belfast, Cockney (highly skilled), Yorkshire, General American (highly skilled), Southern American, New York (highly skilled), General Scottish, Australian.

Skills: Historical dance, Social dance, Commercial dance, Musical Theatre, stage combat, football, rollerblading, athletics, cycling.

Musical Skills: Singing: Tenor, alto saxophone (highly skilled), tenor saxophone, trumpet (basic), composition, sight-reading, music theory (grade 5)

Production & Projects

  • The Glove Thief, 'Walsingham', Ola Ince, Ugly Duck Theatre
  • Island Song, 'Will', Iain Reekie, Stratford Circus
  • The Seagull, 'Yakov', Jeremy Harrison, Rose Bruford College
  • The Winter's Tale, 'Leontes', Gerrard McArthur, Rose Bruford College
  • Never Whistle While You're Pissing, 'Mario', David Zoob, Rose Bruford College
  • The Cherry Orchard, 'Peter Trofimov', Alison Mackinnon, Rose Bruford College
  • The Masterplan, 'James Joyce', Lee Cronin, Rank Outsider Productions
  • Billy & Chuck, 'Big boy', Lee Cronin, Rank Outsider Productions
  • Oliver!, 'The Artful Dodger', Vivian Coates, Wexford Opera House

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