Student Profile: Luke Vincent

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  • Height: 5,4'
  • Eye Colour: blue/green
  • Ethnicity: White British
  • Spotlight Number: 1419-8940-4474
  • Age: 16 - 23

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Training & Related skills

Butoh Dance and physical dance/theatre training, Nuria Legarda: October - December 2017, Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

DAMU + HAMU (AMU): January - June 2017, Prague, Czech Republic.

Dance 4 CAT (Centre for Advanced Training): Nottingham, UK, August 2014 - August 2015.

Teaching Movement, Collaborative Dissertation Research, Nikita Baker(Scenic Artist): October - December 2017: Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

Founded, Lead and Facilitate the Contact Improvisation Jam Society: October 2017 (ongoing): Rose Bruford College, London, UK.
GAGA + Choreography, Natalia Iwaniec: November 2017, Fourth Monkey, London, UK.

Lost Dog Dance creative residency, Ben + Pippa Duke: September 2017, Lewes, UK.

GAGA + Physical Dance Residency, Noa Paran, Roser López-Espinosa: Krakow choreographic Centre, August 2017, Krakow, Poland.

Exploration of Musicality/Demonstration of the works of Bred in the Bone Theatre Company, Matthieu Bellon: Stanislavski Conference, DAMU, Prague, Czech Republic.

Exploration of the Principles of Vsevolod Meyerhold, Thomas Wilson: October 2016 (2 weeks), Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

Exploration of the Principles of Jerzy Grotowski, Johnathon Grieve: September 2016 (2 weeks), Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

Odin Teatret and the Apprenticeship Model of Training, Tage Larsen and Mia Have September 2016 (1 week), Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

National Youth Theatre Summer Residency: August 2014 (2 weeks), Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance.

Production & Projects

DEVISING, Stage, Ensemble, Nuria Legarda: (upcoming) December 2017, Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

LA RONDE, Stage, Performer Ran Jiao: May 2017, DAMU, Prague, Czech republic.
THE LABYRINTH, Stage, Ensemble, Luis Campos: December 2016, Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

THE MOUNTAIN GIANTS, Stage, Ensemble, Chiara D’anna: December 2016, Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

THE END, Stage, Dancer, Jack Webb: August 2016, Greenwich Dance, London, UK.

HYSTERIA, Stage, Performer, Lilia Mledenova: June 2016, Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

MOMENTUM SOMNI, Stage, Performer, Ross Chandler: May 2016, Rose Bruford College, London, UK.

FABRICA, Stage, Performer, Vincent: June 2015, Nonsuch Theatre, Nottingham, UK.

MARVIN GAYE CHETWYND, Exhibition, Performer, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd: 25 January – 23 March 2014, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK.

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