Student Profile: Rebecca Harvey

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Training & Related skills

Although my degree course means my area of expertise is textiles and sewing, I am also a keen artist. I enjoy working on fine art pieces and larger abstract/ mural type works and have a keen eye for costume and fashion design. I have experience working in a bridal shop and enjoyed inputting my creative flair into garments. My many years of dance experience allows me to have a very good insight as to what is needed form dance costumes and I have achieved my advanced one ballet certificate. 

Production & Projects

On each of these plays I was a costume maker and wardrobe assistant and produced a range of varied items of costumes. In Vernon God Little I created a pair of denim shorts worn by the character Taylor throughout. In the autumn poetic text play of Twelth Night I made two overalls for the character "Viola" along with two matching hats. In the play Market Boy I made a figure hugging eighties dress and leather jacket, worn by the character "most beautiful woman in Romford" (as seen in profile picture). In each and every one of these shows I would assist with other general wardrobe roles such as sourcing costumes in the store, costume maintenance, alterations and repairs and working with actors and designers during fittings. I was also able to step up and help other shows with alterations when my services were required.  

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