Study Support

As a creative mind and an active learner you will be supported on multiple levels by both an expert staff and an institution dedicated to learning, teaching and research.

Students are at the heart of the matter at Rose Bruford College.  Our permanent staff and visiting professionals are dedicated to teaching that reflects best practices. In their own professional lives they practice what they preach. Current theatre and technical practice is at the forefront of our various curriculum, enhanced by reflective, critical thinking and decision making.  The tools-of-the-trade for a working professional thrive best in an environment where small study groups are repeatedly working on a host of different, challenging projects. Whether you are in a rehearsal studio or a technical laboratory you are given the time you need to perfect skills that are the making of any professional.

The close knit university community of the College provides a highly supportive environment in which to learn and study.

  • Students benefit from very low staff-student ratio that often leads to a one-on-one tutoring for some projects and small group classes.
  • The collaborative nature of our education and working across departments means that students come in contact with a wide range of instructors and visiting lecturers.
  • The learning and study support we offer students includes specialist contextual tutors, a unique Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that operates 24-hours a day and a full university drama library/learning resource facility that includes books, manuscripts, archives and electronic resources.
  • All students gain support from our team of professionals, and we are particularly proud of the support for dyslexia. The College was one of the first to introduce dyslexia support aimed at gifted, creative students and our team has extensive experience of helping students realise their creativity without risking the academic quality of their degree studies.
  • All our National Student Survey results remark on the quality of our teaching and study support.