Directed by Steve Harper & Tom Latter
Designer: Adam Garrard
Lighting Designer: Hayden Borgars
Sound Designer: Jason Kent

The Boreal family is very, very rich.  And beautiful.  And young.  They all look exactly as they did decades ago when they started taking the drug that made Lucien Boreal a billionaire.  They never have to look at death, they never have to face the protesters in the streets, if they leave their luxury homes, bodyguards protect their every move.  But when Adam Boreal is expelled from his penthouse and becomes the subject of an experimental game, the consequences are terrifying.

The uniquely atmospheric Bargehouse is the venue for Dawn King’s dystopian thriller staged with live music.

Wednesday 8 June - 6pm
Thursday 9 June - 4pm
Friday 10 June - 2pm
Saturday 11 June - 2pm

Tickets: £10


Sasha Boreal - Anna Fordham

Dr Nadia Makepeace - Kristine Woie

Amy - Margarita Holm

Mai - Jessica Harbour

Poppy Clemetin - Rosella Doda

Ariadne - Sarah Bryce

Danica - Alex Stewart

Boon - Will Steele

Lucien - Christian Mortensen

Adam - Ed Parry

Felix - Wesley Lineham

Ridley - Rob Gathercole