Our recent National Student Survey results (NSS) saw us score among the highest across UK drama schools for ensuring our students were aware of the mental wellbeing support we offer, with Rose Bruford College’s score in this area being more than 10% above the sector benchmark.


Your well-being is of primary importance to us. We have our very own on-campus student counsellor to who student services can refer you to if needed. We can also refer you to external specialists if you need support with specific areas such as addiction or eating disorders. Students can self-refer for many of our services or drop in and see the team, whichever they are more comfortable with.

There are many resources available to students, and free mindfulness sessions run by a trained counsellor are open to all. We also have a sexual health nurse on campus regularly for advice and guidance.

Study Support

There is a team of experts on hand to support you to get the best out of your studies. If you need help finding the right resources in the library, improving your essay writing skills, or knowing how referencing works, they will be happy to help.

There is a Dyslexia Study Support Officer who can offer specific help and guidance and can help to arrange pre-dyslexia screening assessments.


The Rose Bruford College library and its team are an integral part of the Rose Bruford Community. Providing a hub of knowledge and resources that help students from across our courses excel in their academic studies.

Disability Support

Our Equality and Specialist Support Officer can advise you on various topics, including disclosing a disability, reasonable adjustments and anything related to Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

We can also refer you for an assessment for specific learning difficulties (SpLD); the College will pay £250 towards the assessment cost, the students pay £100. We can also advise you about the range of assistive software available to support you during your studies.

ADHD – Autism assessment info

Our Student Services team


Current students can find out further information about how to book these services on the Student Services website, Disability Support – ROSE BRUFORD STUDENT SERVICES.

Contact Info

If you would like to learn more about these services in relation to your personal circumstances, please just get in touch with us at [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you.