Application Process

Applications for our full-time undergraduate courses need to be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Applications are online at UCAS. The outcome of your application and audition process will be updated on your UCAS account, so please keep a lookout for any updates.

The UCAS code for Rose Bruford College is R51.

Applications for postgraduate and short courses should be made directly to the college, please see our course pages for more information.

Interview guidance for our foundation acting courses can be found further down on this page. Foundation acting applications are to be submitted directly to the college via the course page.

Audition Process for Acting BA (Hons), Actor Musicianship BA (Hons)

Once we have received your application through UCAS, our Admissions team will contact you and ask you to submit a digital audition as your first-round audition. You will also receive information and guidance from us on how to film and submit your self-taped audition, and what to expect from the overall audition process for the course you’ve applied for. There is a £35 audition fee, this is a flat fee and you will not be asked to pay again should you continue to the final rounds of audition. The audition fee is payable unless you are eligible for an exemption.

You will not be charged an audition fee if:

  • Your audition as part of a progression agreement
  • Your household income is under £25,000 per year
  • You are in receipt of benefits, including disability benefits: Universal Credit, PIP, DLA
  • You are Care Experienced (Care Leaver/in the care of your Local Authority)
  • You have Caring Responsibilities (Young Carer/ Carer)
  • You are irreconcilably Estranged with no contact with parents/family due to a relationship breakdown living independently without financial/emotional support from parents/family
  • You can offer other evidence of financial hardship
  • You are being auditioned overseas

If you think you are eligible for the above fee waivers, our Admissions team will be able to provide you with more details when you apply, or, if you have questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Audition Process for American Theatre Arts BA (Hons) & European Theatre Arts BA (Hons)

Once we have received your application through UCAS, our Admissions team will contact you and ask you to submit an audition form. Your audition will be at our Sidcup campus; full details of what you can expect will be sent to you with the form. There is a £35 audition fee, which is payable unless you are eligible for an exemption.

Audition Process for Theatre and Social Change BA (Hons) and Contemporary and Popular Performance BA (Hons)

Applicants to these courses are asked to partake in a workshop rather than an audition. There is no charge for this process.

Rose Bruford College Interviews Feb 2023

Interviews for our undergraduate design or technical arts courses

You will be contacted for an interview if you apply for one of our design and production arts programmes, such as Design for Performance, Creative Lighting Control, Stage Management, Scenic Arts or Costume Production.

This is as an excellent chance for you to get to know us and decide whether Rose Bruford is the right fit for you – just as much as it is an opportunity for us to evaluate your suitability for our courses.

Booking in your interview

Once you submit your application via UCAS, our Admissions team will contact you to invite you for an interview, which you’ll be able to book via our online system.

Interviews typically take place in-person at our Sidcup campus, although they can also be conducted online if required.

How to prepare for your interview

While we are looking for evidence of your motivation and commitment to a course, every effort is made by our staff to conduct interviews in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Here’s some information to help you prepare:

– Interviews last between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the course you apply for, and more information will be given to you once you apply.

– We’ll give you guidance on what topics the interview may cover so you can prepare, this usually includes questions on why you want to study on the course or pursue a career in the subject. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk to us about any relevant experience you may have in your chosen subject area.

– For some of our courses, you’ll be asked to bring along a portfolio or submit one to us in advance, you can read more about how to prepare a portfolio on our portfolio page.

– You may be offered a tour of College or some of our facilities as part of your interview day.

Interview outcome

We’ll contact you no later than seven days after your interview to let you know the outcome and any next steps.

If you have any questions ahead of your interview or about the process, please get in touch via email on [email protected]

Foundation Acting courses Rose Bruford College

Interviews for our Foundation Acting course

What happens at the interview?

The meeting will take approximately 30-40 minutes and you will meet two members of staff.

We will have a chat about your interests.

We may redirect some or all of your speeches. Please do not worry if we don’t ask you do to do this, every applicant is treated on an individual basis.

The interview is your opportunity to ask us questions about the course and to see if we are the right fit for you, so we recommend preparing those in advance so that you remember to ask them.

What are we looking for?

The Foundation Acting programme is a very intensive full-time course and demands discipline, resilience and a deep curiosity about the craft of acting.

We are looking for motivated, open and playful students to join our courses.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

International Students

If you are an International Student, you will follow all of the above steps. Audition re-calls can take place online if you are unable to visit for an in-person audition.

Once you have been made an offer, you will need to provide the Admissions team with specific documents to meet the conditions of applying for your visa. Please visit our International Students page for further information.

Click here to chat to our students, alumni and staff about what it’s like to study at Rose Bruford College.