The Cane

The Cane

Directed by Ché Walker
Designer Amy E Watson
Lighting Designer Kiaran-Lee Kesby
Sound Designer Gabrielle Robertson

Ché Walker’s head-spinning epic begins in the bogs of 17th Century Ireland and ends in The Oval Office of the near future.  Just one product links the suppression the Rebel Irish, slavery, the founding of The New World, a comic burglary in North London and organized crime in the Caribbean.  That product?  The Cane.

Ché Walker directs the World Premiere of his play amid the cracked and crumbling walls of The Bargehouse space.

Wednesday 8 June - 2pm
Thursday 9 June - 6pm
Friday 10 June - 4pm
Saturday 11 June - 4pm

Tickets: £10

For industry ticket requests, please e-mail


Myth Teller - Piotr Owski

Gabriel - Kenneth Omole

Connamara - Ian Horgan

Sheriff - Andy Burse

Whittington - Oisín Gilbert

Bouloux - Joe Butcher

Semiramis - Layo-Christina Akinlude

Henrietta - Jodie Wray

Serina - Nikki Levitt

Sapphire - Layo-Christina Akinlude

Sue - Katie Trump

Janey - Celeste Collier

Meshak - Kadell Herida

Billy McCormack - Michael Lockerbie

Crazy Horse - Sam Hall

Diaz - Faaiz Mbelizi

President - Rob Edward-Hughes

British Soldier - Luke Hobson

Roisin M - Rebecca Stone