Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance is London’s International Drama School.  We welcome students from around the world for both BA and MA degree study in performance, design, management and technical arts and short-term courses, summer schools and foundation diplomas. We use theatre training to help build global communities and relationships. We have links throughout the world in Europe, The Americas and Asia.

We currently host students from over 25 different countries. We are training future graduates who will see the world stage as their future workplace. We are interested not only in welcoming international students and practitioners to our Sidcup campus and Central London locations but also working worldwide with partner institutions on student and staff exchanges, collaborative projects and wider research initiatives.

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London Life

London is not only one of the world’s great international cities it is probably the best place in the world to see and experience theatre and drama on a grand and wide scale. From watching the plays of Shakespeare performed at the Royal Shakespeare Company or the Globe Theatre to seeing a range of classical and contemporary plays at the National Theatre to searching out edgy experimental drama and performance presented by companies dotted all around the capital, the advantage of being close to London is critical to the development of any emerging theatre artist. Our Sidcup campus is only 25 minutes from Trafalgar Square and the very heart of London.

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Student Visas

On 5 October 2020 Tier 4 (General) immigration permission was re-named Student immigration permission, and Tier 4 (Child) became Child Student. All new applications are now under this new Student route, including European Economic Area nationals who will be entering the UK for studies from 1 January 2021 . The process and conditions for attaining a student visa are subject to frequent changes. Please refer to the UK Governments students visa page for the most up to date and accurate information and use the information presented in this document as a guide.

Student Route Visa
Please visit the UK Governments Visa Check page to confirm whether you require a student visa to study in the UK.  You must apply for a student visa before the start of your course. Please apply online here for a visa and read the webpage carefully to see what documents you need to provide as part of the application process.

Visitor Visa
Please visit the UK Governments Visa Check page to confirm whether you require a Visitor Visa to study in the UK. If you are on a course which lasts fewer than 6 months, you do not need to secure a Student Visa, instead, you can apply for a Visitor Visa to enable you to study for up to 6 months. Please note that you cannot legally work on this type of visa.

Short-Term Study Visa
The Short-Term Study Visa is only applicable to students studying English Language between 6 – 11 months in duration. Further information on this can be found here.

EU settlement scheme
If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, and you arrived in the UK before 31st December 2020 you and your family can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021. To be eligible for this, you must be resident in the UK before 31st December 2020 and applications to the scheme close on 30th June 2021. Further information on how to apply can be found here.

If you have any questions about visas, relating to your application to Rose Bruford College, please email us at and we will help you with your enquiry. 

English Language Requirements and How to Apply

Visit our International How to Apply page for information about English Language requirements including IELTS scores. 

International Partners

Please visit our Partner Institutions page for a list of our International Partners. 


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BREXIT Updates

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