What should I include?

Your portfolio doesn’t haven’t to be long or full of finished work. It can be as simple as a collection of a few ideas, some work in progress or things you’ve experimented with. It doesn’t need to be work from your school or college; it could be something you’ve done at home or in your spare time.

The main thing to remember is that it should show your interest in the area you are studying!

Top Tips

  • Show the range of work you have done and your interests, including relevant personal work and course work.
  • Don’t be too selective, and include materials that show your process and the final outcome, such as notes, plans, sketches, and schedules.
  • Present your work in logical, ordered fashion eg. related pieces of work or themes that can work well.
  • Make it clear where work has been done in collaboration with other people and what aspects of the work are your own.
  • Try to show work in various media, such as colour and texture studies, 2 & 3-dimensional work, photography, character drawing, sketchbooks containing visual notes and marks, found material, reference, and research.

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International Students

If you are an international student and unable to attend an interview in person, you will be asked to submit a digital portfolio ahead of your online interview.