Rita Estevanovich


MA/MFA Actor and Performer Training

Caymanian/Costa Rican/British

What did you study/perform in before you came to Rose Bruford College?
I completed the 1 Year Acting for Film Conservatory at New York Film Academy (Los Angeles) and a BA in Liberal Studies at University of Central Florida (Orlando). My first time on stage was age 8 and I have been actively involved in the arts (music, dance, theatre, storytelling, writing etc.) since then.

How did you hear about Rose Bruford College?
From Dr. Henry Muttoo, Artistic Director, Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

Why did you choose to study for a Masters in Actor and Performer Training?
I have dedicated many years of my life performing as well as developing and promoting the arts in the Cayman Islands. Regardless of whether I was involved in the arts on stage or behind the scenes, I have found the experience deeply rewarding.  Committing to a Master’s programme is a continuation of this journey and a necessary tool-sharpening endeavour.

How are you enjoying the course so far?
The course has been challenging, as it should be. All of the course instructors have been very encouraging and willing to provide tailored guidance in and out of class, which has been a blessing.

What are you hoping to learn from the course?
Invisible acting. Trusting my instinct more. A holistic approach to acting. Building on my experience. Commitment to truth.

What are your career plans once you’ve graduated from the course?
God-willing, I plan to work in London for a period of time before returning home to the Caribbean. I am flexible though, and will see what opportunities open up for me and my family.

How are you going to shape the future of the industry through your work? 
I am not sure at this time, but I can say that my contribution to the industry will be the honest telling of personal stories that will ring true for someone, somewhere.  As a native of the Cayman Islands with mixed heritage, I would also like to further expose the rich, intangible cultural heritage of my ancestors and pay homage to them.

How are you finding studying and living in London?
I found it fairly easy to settle in Croydon and absolutely love spending time in central London when time allows. The theatres, museums and art galleries’ offerings are stimulating and awe inspiring. I have been consistently challenged in my studies and enjoy learning from my peers and instructors, who all bring a wealth of experience to the programme.

Why would you recommend Rose Bruford College and the Actor and Performer Training course?
It is for any person who desires to positively impact their surroundings and beyond, through thoughtful collaboration with passionate theatre professionals.

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