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What you'll study

This course offers a one-year introductory course to the skills associated with theatre acting.  More specifically, it is tailored to those wanting to learn about the craft of acting, how to develop your own physical, vocal and imaginative skills, and to explore the dramatic text in performance.


Acting Part-Time Student in purple dress at Rose Bruford College

A great start for your career

Ideal if you wish to begin the pursuit of acting as a potential career, a rewarding side-line or would like to hone your skills to prepare for auditions

Flexible study model

It runs over 3 terms, each term lasting 12 / 13 weeks. You will attend the college on one evening a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) from 7 pm to 9.30 pm, plus extra rehearsals as required

Teaching staff

Classes are taught by experienced, professional tutors and include visits from outside directors and specialist practitioners to supplement your training

Career destinations

Designed specifically for those who want to learn the craft of acting, develop physical, vocal and imaginative skills, and explore the dramatic text for performance

“One of the best things that has happened in my life is the day you accepted me onto the course.”
Amal El Hawrani
Acting Part-Time Student
APT was an amazing two years of my life where I learnt to trust myself in making mistakes but committing to an idea or action and finding out if it worked or not. I learned a lot about acting whilst I was at Bruford and it has helped me since leaving.
Anyebe Godwin
Acting Part-Time Student
I feel I have learned so much and am now one step closer to becoming a professional actor.
Christina Metzger
Acting Part-Time Student
“The feedback after each term has been invaluable.”
Lampri Dimitriadi
Acting Part-Time Student
“I can’t really put into words how grateful I am for this course. It has given me so much.”
Sophie Kamal
Acting Part-Time Student

Course breakdown

This course runs over 3 terms, each term lasting 12 / 13 weeks.

You will attend the college on one evening a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) from 7 pm to 9.30 pm, plus extra rehearsals as required (usually on a Saturday), technical and dress rehearsals and performances as the work demands, totalling approximately 120 hours of contact time.

You will act in APT productions at the end of each term and are expected to watch all other APT productions.

Term 1 Verse and Text

12 weeks from September – December

This term focuses on Individuality.  You will be introduced by a series of games (warm ups, trust exercises and improvised scenes) to express and interact freely in performance, and serve to appreciate the strengths of both yourself and your colleagues. You will be required to learn, rehearse and perform both a Verse and Text piece, selected by yourselves, with help from the Tutor. At the end of term you will perform both a Verse and Text piece in front of an invited audience.

You are continually assessed on your progress, in creative, vocal and physical awareness, delivered verbally by the tutor in class. There is no automatic progression into Term 2.

Term 2 Classic Scenes

12 weeks from January – April

This term focuses on Transformation, i.e. becoming someone else.  Working on specific scenes from chosen plays, you will research and experiment with analysis, characterisation, performance and direction. At the end of this term you perform in a classic scene.

There is no automatic progression into Term 3

Term 3 Contemporary Play

12 weeks from April – July

This term focuses on the Ensemble.  You will be introduced to and expected to rehearse and investigate a contemporary play (written within the last 30 years). You will be given one or two dedicated roles, which you are required to research, rehearse and perform as part of an ensemble to create the world of the play.  At the end of term, you will perform this play.

Continuous assessment will be based upon the quality of the character research, in particular, the attention paid to detail, the quality of self-transformation and the embodiment of the given characters. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance after the performances.

There is no automatic progression into Term 4 or 5.

At the sole discretion of the Course Director, students who have shown progress, enthusiasm and a real commitment may be asked back to attend an additional two terms.

Terms 4 and 5 are Preparation for the Profession

You cannot apply for Terms 4 and 5.  You are invited to attend only at the discretion of the Course Director.  Supported by a series of lectures you will be given information and guidance on becoming a professional actor. Visiting lecturers and practitioners will also be used.

Term 4

12 weeks of the following year from September – December

In Term 4, guided by the Course Director, you will select a contrasting classic monologue and a duologue, which show your strengths. Through group exploration, you will rehearse these (with support from your colleagues) until ready for presentation. At the end of Term 4 you will perform the classic monologues and duologues in a ‘Preview Presentation’ in a Studio Theatre.

Term 5

12 weeks of the following year from January – April

Those invited back for Term 5 will refine their choices for another monologue and duologue, which you will present to the profession.  You will perform these to an invited audience of professional practitioners in the ‘Final Presentation’ in the Barn Theatre. Agent, Casting Directors, Producers, Directors and other practitioners are invited to this Final Presentation.

Please note this is a training programme and not an accredited academic programme

Tony James Rose Bruford College Part-Time Acting Course Director
Tony James

Course Director for Acting Part Time; Lecturer of American Theatre Arts

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Student Destinations

Shazia Mirza, Sharon Lawrence, Paige Carter, Anyebe Godwin, Martin Langham, Emily Dilworth, Jean Summers, James Lorcan, Malcolm Jeffries and Scott Wickes have all successfully launched acting and performance careers from participating on this programme

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Home and International students – £675 per term.

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