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4, 6, 8 July and 11, 13, 15 July 2022 (5pm-9pm BST, UK)

Fee: £300 Early Bird Discount       £350 regular price

Teachers: Sophia Treanor

What you'll study

The Six Viewpoints give artists the opportunity to approach making art from a field of knowledge that is presented in a horizontal, non-hierarchical language. The Viewpoints process empowers the artist to function and define themselves as “observer/participants,” trading in the traditional “creator/originator” function held in modern and classical eras.

The Six Viewpoints are rooted in an inquiry into the vocabulary of the basic materials that are found in the creation of all art: Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement, and Story. These materials are interrogated within The Bridge, a set of nine philosophical interrogations into the nature of performance.

Gain a deep understanding of the Six Viewpoints theory and practice

Broaden your relationship with the source materials of performance

Physical and philosophical training to support improvisation and health

Receive observation and feedback and dialogue with other participants

About this course

In this masterclass, we will trace the Six Viewpoints originator Mary Overlie’s lineage of teachers and postmodern influences through embodied practices.  We will study the substance of performance and establish a dialogue with the Viewpoints as they—and we—exist within our current conditions. By moving through the experiential process of the Viewpoints practices, a growing capacity for differentiation and mindful awareness will prepare dynamic ground for participants to engage with chaos and recognize the emerging potential of the present moment.  Participants will be invited to venture into their own artistic questions and experiments, fortified with the lineage and philosophical foundation of the Viewpoints.

Course Content

“The theatre is in you. I’m just showing you where it is, pointing to the theatre that is inside of you by leading you to experience your own perception.  The artist must learn to learn from the materials, to trust what you find through mutual interrogation.

The goal is to open creative ground that is both totally individuated and totally communal engagement.  This is the philosophy and practice of the viewpoints.”
—Mary Overlie, May 2020

We will begin by establishing sensitivity to difference through physical body training that focuses the mind directly on the body as opposed to a movement form composed of repeated body vocabulary. Each day will include an experiential awakening of the body as an entrance to perceptual awareness, deconstruction and the embodied practice of a horizontal philosophy.

Our first classes will focus on the history, reason and process of deconstructing performance.  The entire theory is presented as a clear and dynamic thread.  In following this thread, the student will become familiar with the origins of the theory, discover the synergy between the materials of Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement, Story (The SSTEMS) and the laboratories of the Bridge.

Extending from this base, we will then delve into compositional experiments and making individual work. The final classes will be focused on how concept meets material, meets the artist, meets the audience. I will dedicate myself to helping you locate or strengthen your voice, message and style as an artist.

Sessions will begin with a combination of Jean Hamilton floor barre and craniosacral biodynamics to educate the instrument in depth without culturing patterns of movement

Who is this course for?

All are welcome. No experience is necessary. Experienced Viewpoints practitioners are invited to revisit the foundation and continue their research within this setting.


Sophia Treanor is a director, performer, and educator.  She had the honor of working intimately with Mary Overlie as a student, teaching assistant, and dancer throughout the United States, Europe, and China from 2011 until Overlie’s death in June of 2020. Sophia served as a primary reader for the Viewpoints book, “Standing in Space,” and led the physical training of Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints classes from 2014-2021, teaching Jean Hamilton Floor Barre at Vienna’s ImpulsTanz, Switzerland’s Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Rose Bruford College, Teatro Vertico in Spain, Toneelacadamie Maastricht and Shanghai Theatre Academy. Sophia assistant directed and performed in Brain to Brain: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Mary Overlie presented by Movement Research and Dancespace at Saint Mark’s Church. Sophia also performed alongside Overlie at Fool’s Fury in San Francisco for the 2016 book launch of Overlie’s “Standing in Space,” and The Bunny Tail Range at the Basin, Montana Artists Refuge in 2012.  Sophia’s original work has been seen in private and public spaces, theaters, and galleries across New York City, including the Living Theater, the Center for Performance Research, CAVE, the Glasshouse, Triskelion Arts, and Dixon Place. Sophia co-founded Our Ladies, an arts organization producing the work of over fifty artists (2011-2013) and received fellowships at CAVE, home of Leimay from 2013-2018.

Sophia teaches at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and co-curates the Harold Clurman Center for New Works in Movement and Dance Theater. She is currently co-directing a documentary in production about Mary Overlie and is a part of the Six Viewpoints legacy planning team.  In her work, Sophia yearns to listen to and illuminate the infinite exchange between environment, perception, and consciousness.


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