Mary Overlie, the world renowned originator of Six Viewpoints technique, now adopted widely by actors and directors, has announced that she will present her first ever UK workshop in July 2017 at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. Mary joins other celebrated Masterclass teachers as part of the College’s summer programme of short courses.

Six Viewpoints fostered a revolution in acting technique, moving away from the psychological approach to performance to one that favours physicality and movement that is more akin to Overlie's creative background as a dancer and choreographer. Overlie developed the technique through the several major artistic and radical social changes of the 1960s and 1970s, until in the 1990s she finally completed an entire structure of theory and practice. For over 30 years she taught her technique at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Viewpoints has gained an impressive reputation worldwide, and has been cited as seminal to the artistic careers of theatre practitioners, including such as American directors as Liz Lecompte, Moises Kaufman and Anne Bogart. Generations of important performers have been trained by Overlie.

Overlie has won two prestigious New York Dance & Performance Awards (Bessie’s). First in 1984 for conceiving the Studies Project for Movement Research and most notably in 1998 for her contributions to the New York dance community. Ahead of her visit, Mary Overlie says “I look forward to Teaching an extensive workshop this summer at Rose Bruford College. England is a brand new territory and I’m delighted to participate in a wonderful European/American cross cultural creative exchange.”

Rose Bruford College Principal and Chief Executive Michael Earley, says that "Mary Overlie is a legendary teacher and the founder of the important Viewpoints approach to performance, which she has perfected over the last 40 of teaching.  This methodology is now an essential approach used in all acting courses. The masterclass she is offering through us will be her first and only visit to the UK to teach her methods. We are so fortunate to have attracted her to teach on the Rose Bruford College 2017 summer school."

The workshop coincides with the publication of Mary Overlie’s important first book about her work and career and the insights to be distilled from Viewpoints – Standing in Space: The Six Viewpoints Theory and Practice Manual.

Six Viewpoints with Mary Overlie
Wednesday 5 to Tuesday 11 July 2017
Rose Bruford College, London
Course fees £850 (Accommodation package available)
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