Jayne Richards and Karen Morash from our Theatre Studies BA (Hons) online learning courses are running a series of online study skill sessions.

1) Developing a Self-Reflective Practice. Cohen Ambrose, Sunday 28 March, 1pm

What is ‘critical self-reflection’ and why do your tutors emphasize it so much? This workshop will explore tools for developing a self-reflective practice that supports your artistic and intellectual growth; planning and preparing for future research and performance-making; identifying patterns in your artistic and intellectual strengths and weaknesses; and developing and maintaining creative and scholarly momentum.

Join in on Zoom here. 

2) Always contextualise! Using research in your writing. Dr Cara Berger, Saturday 3 April, 1pm

This workshop will deepen your understanding of how to use research items in your writing, including utilising research to reflect on your practice. Borrowing and adapting Frederic Jameson’s famous motto: ‘Always Historicize’, we will look at the importance of contextualising and critically evaluating sources in order to support and highlight your own original argument. In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • select sources
  • analyse and evaluate arguments
  • examine sources in context
  • embed research in your own writing

Join in on Zoom here.

3) Creating an Argument. Jayne Richards, Sunday 4 April, 1 pm

“What does it mean when your tutor states “try to work more critically with your sources” or “try to argue your point rather than report your conclusions”? This session looks at some basic strategies for structuring writing to create an argument.”

Join in on Zoom here.


4) Upgrading: Understanding Assignment Briefings and how to Improve Results. Dr Karen Morash, Saturday 10 April, 1pm

This session will help you to understand what is being asked of you in assignment briefings and outline steps you can take to move into the next grade band. We will cover:

  • The vocabulary of briefings (including ‘creative’ briefings)
  • Making good choices in response to briefs
  • Structuring a response
  • Understanding assessment criteria
  • Using feedback to improve results

Join in on Zoom here.