Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance is proud to be the first drama school to sign up to the #TIME4CHANGE Mental Health Charter.

The Charter, which was launched by the Musical Theatre Academy on 12 July 2016, aims to raise awareness of mental health in the Arts and create a safe, supportive, inclusive and positive environment for everyone working in the industry.

Rose Bruford College is committing to promote robust mental health policies and protocols that will contribute to positive mental health and help remove the stigma of mental illness and psychological distress.

The College’s student support and counselling services are currently meeting these challenges and earlier in the year a Mental Health Ambassador buddy scheme was set up by students, so that they could support each other by sharing helpful tips, links and images.

By signing up to the Charter, the College agrees to:

• Publicly promote and adopt evidence-based policies and best practices

• Actively challenge discrimination and foster a culture of dignity and respect for all

• Promote positive mental health messages, underpinned by diverse industry role-models and ambassadors

• Support the development of a pan-performing arts network to actively develop and share resources and best practices

• Regularly peer-monitor and review our progress against agreed standards and take positive action on mental health issues, as indicated

Pat O’Toole, Course Director of the College’s Acting Foundation Course and member of The Time For Change Group, hopes agents, drama schools, theatres and individuals will sign up and support the Charter;

“Issues related to mental health are more common among performers than the general population with one in three of us affected every year. Over the past five years Universities and Drama Schools in particular have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for support for students with mental health issues. ”

Michael Earley, Principal of Rose Bruford College said;

'With so many Higher Education arts students facing rising needs for counselling for complex issues related to mental health and well-being, this initiative has to be applauded. Conservatoire training reveals dilemmas and traumas that demand both understanding and healing.'

For more information and to sign up to #time4change please email [email protected]