Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance is delighted to announce the awarding of their 2020 The Stage Scholarship to Sidcup Acting Foundation Course student Adil Hassan.

The Acting Foundation Course provides a rigorous and in-depth training that will give you the skills, techniques and confidence invaluable either as a preparation for further vocational training, higher education (Degree or MA/MFA) or for a career in the performing Arts.

The Stage Scholarship has been running for more than 20 years, helping many hundreds of youngsters follow their dreams, with former winners going on to work in shows ranging from Wicked in the West End to Robert Icke’s production of Oresteia.

On receiving news of his scholarship, Adil had this to say:

“I’m based in London. I went to Kensington and Chelsea college to study sport as part of a football course. I wanted to become a professional footballer growing up like every other boy from London. I had an interest in acting since I was probably 14. But I didn’t do anything to satisfy this interest. I’ve always been an artist, growing up drawing and painting, and quite good at it at school. I loved speaking in different accents and it turned out to be a talent. 

This “acting bug” just grew on me and I decided to take action, signing up to online casting websites such as backstage, etc. doing all that I can for free. I joined White City youth theatre, based at Bush Theatre where we take part in the National Theatre connections. I absolutely loved it and decided to undertake full time acting training. I then joined Bodens college of performing arts in East Barnet for my second year, which I really enjoyed and cemented my love for acting even more. During this year I auditioned for 5 drama schools but wasn’t successful this year. During this I starred in 2 short films for the BFI film academy.

I then applied for the scholarship at Rose Bruford College foundation and also got a scholarship for the National Youth Theatre course this summer. When I got the call to say I’ve been offered the scholarship, I didn’t believe it. I contained the excitement because I just felt sceptical and suspicious because I don’t win anything EVER! After the call ended, I was squirming in excitement. In the midst of all the uncertainty of this pandemic, something beautiful and amazing has happened for me, and I’m incredibly grateful that all my efforts have paid off.”