Acclaimed theatre director and artistic director of the Moscow Theatre School of Dramatic Arts, Anatoly Vasiliev will be presenting a talk on Tuesday 4 December at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in Sidcup.

The talk, entitled Psychological, Ludic and Metaphysical Techniques in Theatre Practice is being be held in collaboration with The Stanislavski Centre, a research and resource centre based on the work of Konstatin Stanlisavski, which is located within the College.

Anatoly Vasiliev graduated from the State Institute of Theatre Arts in 1973 where he trained with Andrei Popov and Maria Knebel (who was a pupil of Stanislavski). In 1987 he founded the Moscow School of Dramatic Art.

Speaking in advance of his visit to the United Kingdom, he said:

“I would like to present, in simple terms, a systematic approach to ‘action’ proposed by Stanislavski as well as the subsequent reconstruction of that system, developed over a period of twenty years in my laboratory practice first in Moscow at the School of Dramatic Art, and later in Europe.

Dr Andrew Walker, Vice Principal of Rose Bruford College is delighted to be welcoming such an internationally-renowned speaker to the College:

‘It’s a great honour for the College’s Stanislavski Centre to be hosting Anatoly Vasiliev. This will be a tremendous opportunity to hear from one of the most prominent figures in Russian and European theatre. Understandably, we have already had an enormous amount of interest in what promises to be a really stimulating evening.’

Anatoly Vasiliev: Psychological, Ludic and Metaphysical Techniques in Theatre Practice will begin at 6pm on Tuesday 4 December 2018 in the Rose Theatre at Rose Bruford College, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9DF.