Shannon Ward is the winner of the first Bernardine Evaristo Scholarship for The Foundation Acting Course in Sidcup.

After recently completing our Acting Part-Time course, Shannon was delighted to be the scholarship recipient and join our 2021/2022 Foundation course.

Shannon commented on what the scholarship would mean if she was to receive it and study her passion:

“If I were awarded the scholarship, it would mean that I would have the opportunity, which I wouldn’t otherwise have, to access the training that will set me on the path to achieving an ambition that I never thought would be possible for me. I am honouring my late mother’s wishes by following my dreams to become a successful actress and creator. She always believed in me more than I ever did. Her death has triggered a super-powerful motivation and inspiration in me to seek out my calling, become my authentic self and achieve my goals by any means possible.


This course is the perfect step for me to take at this time. I would also like to make my daughter proud and be a good role model for her – she is now in secondary school and of an extremely impressionable age, so it is important to me for her to see how ambitious and motivated her mum is and to know that she can do anything her heart desires. Due to my personal circumstance, there is no other way I would be able to access this training than through the stage scholarship.”