Rose Bruford College has signed up to the Care Leaver Covenant; a promise to provide support for care leavers aged 16-25 to help them to live independently. We want you to feel reassured that we understand that you may need additional support in order to make the most of your experience of studying with us, and that we have committed to ensure that we meet those requirements.

Our Student Support team are our designated contacts for offering additional support, advice and information to care leavers, you can reach them on [email protected] or arrange to pop in and see them.

We work closely with local authorities and other agencies to facilitate a smooth transition to your studies at Rose Bruford College.  We would strongly advise you to make contact with our Student Support team during the application process to ensure that you and your support worker are aware of the support available.

If you have taken a break from education and are no longer looked after by your Local Authority, the student support team can advise you about the various support options available to you when you enrol.

How do I apply?

All Undergraduate applications are made via and you can find a list of our courses on our UCAS page. If you would like support with how to make an application or information on portfolio/audition guidance you can contact our admissions team at [email protected].

If you would like more information on our courses and/or services we provide, our open events run throughout the year and will give you the chance to speak to our teaching teams, current students, and our support teams. You can attend them online or in person. Find out when the next event is here.

As a care experienced applicant you will be entitled to free auditions if you are applying to a performance course.

The UCAS care experience tick box

When you apply to university through UCAS there is a tick box asking if you have ever spent any time in care. Our admissions team will contact offer holders who have ticked the box to offer additional support and to confirm bursary eligibility.

If initially, you don’t want to take advantage of the help and support you are entitled to, it is still useful to know exactly what is available if you decide you need additional help or support at a later date.

Watch this video by UCAS about the benefits of ticking the UCAS tick box.

If you’re thinking of applying to university as a care leaver, the website contains lots of information, articles and advice about applying as a care leaver.