The podcast is a fantasy-musical epic that follows the pistol wielding mouse bounty-hunter, Fandango Boursin, as he navigates the vibrant and perilous land of Wild Hollow. Through his adventures, he encounters a range of fascinating characters and finds himself caught up in a web of sinister conspiracy. Think of it as Wind in the Willows meets Dirty Harry… with songs! The episodes feature original music and scores and are packed with cinematic action and some strong doses of odd-ball comedy.

The series is the debut work of audio production company, Shouting Is Funny, founded by the trio after graduating from Rose Bruford College in 2020. Collaborative working is at the heart of how the series is created. The team comes together to share ideas, and everyone contributes to coming up with the best story lines for upcoming episodes.

“When we first began creating audio stories at college, most of our work was based on improvisation and this helped us develop a style that was completely collaborative and unique to our tastes”.

“Working like this also meant that we quickly developed a strong shared understanding of what we wanted to make. Nurturing a trust and artistic vision within our company that propels us forward today. We took the energy from these early experiences and refined our process, focussing on script and story crafting”.

As graduates of the Actor Musicianship BA (Hons) course, the team experienced the power that music can have in creating imagined and theatrical worlds, both in staged productions and in workshop environments.

“When you are playing with sound and music, the possibilities for creating are boundless. Throughout our degrees we learnt the importance of music and soundscape for not only adding depth to a story’s world, but also for telling the story as well. We place a very high value on music and song in our storytelling, which is why all our episodes are fully scored and feature songs from a variety of characters”.

To stream the series and view original illustrated artworks made for the podcast, head to